Sunday, October 19, 2008

Evolution of Our Civilization

We hear about species going extinct and when they die out on their own, it is simply evolution in progress. For example, some creature that can only live in a certain temperature and only likes to eat one kind of plant, and then they cannot find exactly the temperature they like or the food they like. On the other hand, when a type of creature is hunted to extinction, then it is not time for it to leave yet. For example, the wolf was poisoned and shot just to try and make it extinct, not because it could not adapt to the environment or hunt for its dinner.

What happens in the natural world is a mirror for what happens in our man made environment. What kinds of things do we need to evolve beyond? Vehicles only get ten miles per gallon? OK. What else? Maybe always aspiring to own bigger houses. Getting one job and keeping it for a whole lifetime? That one looks like it is simply evolving away, unless we own our own business and that's all we ever do.

What are some of the things we will need to evolve toward? Building more green energy infrastructure. Building more desalination plants on all our coast lines so that we can use ocean water for our daily needs and alleviate droughts. Perhaps encouraging more people to choose cremation instead of constantly setting aside land for cemeteries. Perhaps converting more of our yards into gardens that produce fruits and vegetables instead of just grass.

Perhaps emphasizing trade schools just as much as colleges and universities as a path for people to learn job skills and develop professions. Perhaps reverting back to a more pedestrian scale environment in cities and towns.

What evolutions might we see in our lifetimes?

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