Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pattern Recognition #4- No Such Thing as Sin

You have to step back a bit to see how it all works sometimes. Just like there are religions that teach that we are all born sinners and we need to be saved, because our whole lives are tainted not only by that sin, but also by all the other sins we commit. Of course, that is a very shrewd move, making people feel guilty and then simultaneously offering them the only route to salvation, through their organization, of course, which requires regular chunks of your income in order to help rescue you from sin.

How convenient!

On the other hand, if you do not believe in sin, but rather that people choose of their free will whether to act well or act badly, then we can live every day from joy and love, because we know we are free to choose. Those who choose well enjoy good relationships with others and success in life. Those who choose badly will eventually end up in trouble or in prison. Even if they appear to get away with something karma will catch up with them one way or another. If we consciously choose to love other people and get along with them, we will never have any guilt or anything to apologize for. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Where else do we see examples of this sort of manipulation in life?

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