Monday, November 3, 2008

Enticing Mysteries

I believe that there is other life in the universe and I do not know what it consists of. I find the photos of crop circles to be fascinating and beautiful. They tried to attribute those creations to a group of pranksters years ago, but I don't think that anyone ever proved that a couple of people dragging boards across a field could create those intricate designs.

Sometimes when I stare up at the night sky I see things that look unusual, but who knows what they are? I am not familiar enough with the constellations to name all the bigger planets, stars and configurations.

There have been many shows about various sightings, with some convincing sort of testimonies. Are they all wrong? Or all right? O just some of them?

Have you ever hear any of the recordings from SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) radar scopes that search for sounds from out there? Quite eerie. The sound of nothing is full of subtle intricacies.

I enjoy the fact that there are some mysteries that we cannot figure out. The fact that we don't know everything makes the world a more interesting place.

Have you ever wondered about what you hear and see?

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