Friday, November 21, 2008

Touched by Greatness

Do remember the times in your life when you felt that everything was just going great? When you wanted to do something and suddenly, everything was falling into place so that you could do it?

Do such memories give you the feeling that the world is almost perfect and that everything is just as beautiful as you imagined it would be?

Once you have experienced such a moment, and you recall it, can you think of other ways to get that feeling into your life? Can you get yourself into a groove so that events will unfold for you effortlessly once again?

In those moments of ecstasy, you are touched by greatness. The world is cooperating with you so that you can experience life as a gift, a dream, a sweet, flowing river that is carrying you along for a ride that is everything you wished for.

If you have been touched by greatness once, you can be touched again. Recall the feeling. Choose another event that you would like to experience and feel the flow carry you through. Then go with that flow, and let the world support you and cooperate with you and you, of course, will cooperate with the world.

Image how your life would feel if you could experience being touched by greatness many times over. You can do it, you know.

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