Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wish Upon a Star

When we were little, there was a saying that if you see a falling star and make a wish, your wish will come true.

Lately, I have seen several falling stars while I am out on my evening walks. And the other night, a meteorite as well, trailing a beautiful shower of sparkling, glittering pieces behind it.

Actually, I forgot all about making a wish until just now because when I see falling stars, they are so quick that I just see them briefly, and I just admire the beauty of that brilliant light streaking across the night sky.

There may or may not be significance to seeing all these shooting stars. Maybe I am being granted all my wishes. Maybe it is a reminder that we all have our chance to shine brightly and become stars. Maybe it is just the pleasure of experiencing the free light show, courtesy of nature.

Whatever it is, the night sky is particularly beautiful right now. If you feel like making a wish, go ahead. If it gives you joy and hope, make a wish. Be like a child again for a moment. Experience the joy of the simple things in life. Wonder how the world works. Be unlimited in your dreams. Be unlimited in your life.

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