Friday, November 14, 2008

Chip Coffey's Paranormal State

One evening recently, we were scanning through the On Demand section of the cable service and spotted a listing for a show called Paranormal States. Just out of curiosity, we decided to watch an episode to see what it was like.

As they were going to this house to investigate a case of spirit possession, the narrator mentioned that they were being joined by Chip Coffey, and my ears immediately perked up because I used to know someone by that name. Then he entered the scene, and sure enough, it is the person I used to know.

Chip is a psychic and medium who specializes in communicating with the spirits of the dead, and apparently he is getting quite famous and popular these days. I like Chip because he is a nice guy, with a quick sense of humor and was always helpful. Back when I knew him, I was the editor of a metaphysical magazine, and he was one of my regular contributing writers. He was a good writer, and he possessed one of those other qualities that is highly prized among editors - he always got his work in on time.

Even many years ago, long before there was a TV show called Paranormal States, Chip was making a full time living as a psychic, so it is not a real surprise to see him being even more successful now. Still it was kind of a reality check to see someone I knew on TV. I mean, how often does it happen that you turn on the TV and suddenly, one of the main characters is someone you know.

Of course it is another kind of reality to make a full time living out of talking to dead people. One person's reality is another person's weirdness. The episodes we have seen include not only spirits of dead people, but also UFOs and unknown creatures, in other words, a range of possible entities that are being investigated and actions taken to remedy negative influences from any of these. Some of the entities and phenomena are simply curious and unexplained.

Life is a strange journey, and we never know if we will be surprised at who we meet or how or when we meet them. I am glad for my friend's success. In a way it is also encouraging because as we work to make our way in this world, we do not always know in what way the success will present itself.

Reality checks can come in strange packages. People who live in haunted houses have one version of reality check. Then comes another reality check in the form of people who want to help them deal with the haunted house, and instead of running from it, they head straight towards it. Guess it all depends on what you consider reality.

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