Saturday, November 8, 2008

Following Our Dreams

You know that a person loves their work and is in exactly the right position if they suddenly won the lottery or came into an inheritance and wanted to continue doing what they were doing anyway.

Some people are lucky to have found their path and followed it in this way. There may even have been times in your life when you felt that the job you were doing was exactly what you wanted to be doing.

With the turmoil and shifts in the economy in recent days and years, it may sometimes seem that getting a dream job is slipping further and further from our grasp.

But we can still have our dreams. It may just require a little more determination to get there and numerous creative approaches to attain the result.

We all have dreams. Pursuing them is as natural as the pull of gravity. Do the things that help yourself get to that place so that you are doing something that you really want to be doing.

Do what you love and money will follow really is good advice. I would simply extend that definition to include doing all kinds of things until we get into the place where we are doing what we like and the money is following along very nicely.

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