Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can it flow through us like it did through Mozart?

Mozart had music pouring through him. He wrote whole symphonies in three weeks. Many of his compositions were completed on the first draft, with no revisions or corrections. You can hear the seamless, sweet flow of the notes in his music, how one movement just gracefully opens up into the next.

How many times in our life have we ever experienced that? I am not just referring to music. It could be anything that we are doing, where we are conscious we are doing something, and it is almost effortless to accomplish what we are working on.

What are we really connected to when this happens? Is it that in those moments we are connected to our real well of creativity? Is it that spirit is guiding us to show us what we can do if we just get out of the way and allow the work to happen without ego or expectation to get in the way?

No, we cannot all be Mozart, but what about being so in touch with the flow of energy and creativity, that we achieve something beautiful without the struggle that frequently is part of our efforts. Perhaps when everything feels right, we can set aside struggle and the flow will come through us too.

Try this and see if you can connect with that relaxed state that enables you to let the beauty and creativity express itself in your works, but without the struggle.

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