Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why It Is Different Now

My father would never have thought about going to the gym after coming home from work because he was a construction worker and he got his workout every day just earning his living.

My ancestors who were farmers certainly would never have thought of working out either. Doing what it takes to make a farm productive was plenty of activity to keep a person fit.

But things have changed.

Many of us now spend our working days sitting at a desk with a computer and a phone and so we need to get some exercise when we get home. We may also need more massages or chiropractic adjustments because we do not get enough movement in our daily routines.

Health care now is different because our work is different. Energy healing, herbs, and many other methods are now becoming more common to help us shift our bodies onto the best possible tracks. We have to make extra efforts and we have to try new things.

Since we are living longer now, we want those years to be as enjoyable as possible. Our bodies were designed to move, not be stationary all day. Movement then, has to be part of our medicine for a long and healthy life. Our flexibility refers to more than one aspect of life. Mental and physical flexibility are essential.

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