Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Midway into the darkest time of the year, between Halloween and Yule we have this fine civic holiday that brings a lot of light and happiness into everyone's life.

In some ways it is the simplest of holidays, because it is all centered around being thankful for whatever we have received in our lives and celebrating by sharing a feast with family and friends. There are no special decorations that need to be put up, no costumes to make, no presents to buy, no other stuff that needs to be done other than to gather and share a meal.

There is conversation and storytelling and perhaps some games afterward, but no matter what little differences there may be from household to household, the focus remains on simply enjoying each other's company and relaxing.

For all these reasons, it has always been one of my favorite holidays. Just simply be thankful and enjoy. That is all you have to be about that day. So although it may be cold and dark, it is a way of bringing light into our lives.

I also give thanks for such a simple, beautiful holiday.

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