Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wanting and Not Wanting

Have you ever noticed how simple it is? Have you noticed the difference between wanting something and really wanting something? Have you noticed how closely held desires will sometimes manifest where those more openly expressed do not?

The difference is that sometimes we need to hold the energy close to our heart in order for the power to intensify and for the battery to fully charge before releasing it into the world. There can be more power in desires closely held and constantly focused on. There is a pleasure that sort of presents itself to you day by day as you realize your dreams so that you find constant affirmations of the course you are on, rather than it hitting you all of a sudden and it pops up.

It is sort of like watching the moon reveal itself from behind a cloud bank, how you first see a little glow peeking out from behind the cover, until the clouds part and you are there you are in the full light of it, savoring the beauty and the joy and basking in the soft luminous presence.

When secret desires become real, it is as if you are dreaming and waking from the dream and you cannot distinguish between the two. What desires have you held close to you that you want to see manifest in the fullness of your life?

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