Monday, November 10, 2008

Friends and Our Evolution

It seems that friends may be part of our life for a while, that there are different friends for different stages of our life. Perhaps I should clarify that some friends may remain constant over time, and some we just gradually lose touch with because we moved far away and it is not convenient to visit any more.

As our life changes and we develop new interests, it is only natural that we find new people to share our experiences, feelings and conversations with. Many people have had an experience where they grew and embraced new ideas and their friends did not, so a rift formed. We don't all grow at the same pace, and so we move on while others stay put.

My mother, by comparison, has never moved in her whole life, whereas I have lived in several different parts of the country during my adult life, mostly moving for business reasons. Consequently, there were people I was close to at one time when I lived in one part of the country who now also live in some other part of the country, and we haven't seen each other since we lived in the same town.

What is a friend, really? For one thing, it seems like there are always those we meet who we feel comfortable talking to, sharing personal feelings and ideas easily. Some people we meet and we like them well enough to hang out with but never really feel moved to share secrets with them.

How the patterns change as careers and personal interests shape our moves and present us with new friends. For some of us, our lives have looked different in different decades, with not only a changed physical look, but changed ideas, concepts and attitudes as well.

Can you tell what your next stage of evolution looks like? Can you sense anything from the friends you already have or the new people you have been meeting?

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Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting topic. I haven't seen many posts on how our lives pull people into and out of our lives. What you've described is true in my experiences. There is emotion tied into it for me, as each situation has introduced new surroundings, topics, people, places and thoughts. For some reason, a routine is established for me preferrably sooner than later that offers stability. However, change is a constant. The next phase of my life is starting, whether I can predict it, is yet to be determined. I am hopeful, while not attached to the outcome. My intentions are to not miss a lick along my journey so I don't have to relive anything - I would much rather get the idea, the first time around than be presented with the same situation twice. That being said, changing our support friends along the way would encourage a dynamic support structure considered in my mind a blessing. I find it wonderfully refreshing that your mother has never moved to another city. With planes, trains and autos more families are becoming seperated and seem to branch further out.
Regardless, if our intention is to learn, our next phase will most certainly include a higher learning or understanding that what we currently hold.