Friday, January 9, 2009

Lemon Balm, Violets and Persistence

When things get tough, it helps to look around for models of persistence.

The back patio is made of stones, but there is gravel between them rather than concrete, so weeds sprout up there between the stones. I clean them out every so often.

But then there are the wonderful surprises. Last year, a bunch of violets grew up, and they were as beautiful as anything you would buy at the florist, so of course, we let them grow.

Then there was the lemon balm. I had a pot of lemon balm setting there by the fence and I watered them every day, but the sun was too intense and one weekend when we went away, they were burn to a crisp. So I emptied out the pot and started over in a different place, with a different plant. A couple months later, there, where the pot had been, an explosion of lemon balm pushed its way up between the stones. That patch was just as fragrant and robust as any I have grown.

Looking at how nature finds a way to survive, we are reminded of how just a little encouragement and grounding gives us a fresh start.

As we persist in building our business, looking for a job, getting our exercise, and doing the other things we need to do, it mahy serve us well to remember that if we persist in our efforts we will also blossom.

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