Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tools As Friends

Did you ever think of the tools you use regularly as your friends? Like your favorite tarot deck or your favorite drum? You use them all the time and they give you reliable results. Do you feel energy starting to stir when you pick them up to use them? Do you have a pocket knife that you carry that you feel comfortable just having in your pocket, even when you are not using it? Why? you know that when you take it out, it will reliably cut food, or a piece of string, or rope, or cloth, or turn a screw, or carve your initials into a candle, or clean under your fingernails or a hundred other tasks. Familiarity means that you can ask your pocket knife to do all sorts of things, answer all sorts of needs. Same as your cards. Your old friend can answer all sorts of questions. Your favorite drum can make music, induce trance, help clear and bless a house or a room, assist in creating a meditative state.

There is a relationship to the things we use regularly. The herbs we plant in our garden are another example of that. When we give some of our own energy in the care and feeding of our garden, when the time comes that we need help healing, the herbs we have grown will give more back to us.

People have remarked that the herbs from my garden work for them better than herbs they bought from the store. Have you ever felt you could play better on the drum you use most of the time? Yes, you get a feel for all the nuances of sound it produces and the best way to hold it to get those sounds. Same way for your cards. You know that there are always certain meanings in certain combinations of cards. Certain images speak to you as an old friend, whispering secrets in your ear that you are to convey to the person asking for the reading.

If we boil it down to the tools we use most, we find that they are our most reliable. And out of everything we own, these few reliable things will work with us for a lifetime, yielding reliable results. Steadfast friends.

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