Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Light Touch for Heavy Lifting

The array of healing techniques that people use is as varied as your imagination. I have had many amazing experiences and seen other healers use techniques that I had doubts about when I first saw them, but later found them to be quite good.

Among the amazing, I would easily include John of God, the Brazilian healer who does psychic surgery. However, he also heals with a simple touch of the hand. There was another Brazilian healer, Mauricio Panisset, whose touch sent a jolt of electricity through me. I had a white light flash right on my third eye. The room itself would strobe when he was chanting and channeling energy.

The more subtle, but still amazing experiences would have to include my first experience of reiki. I was prompted to find out about reiki simply because I heard so many other people talking about it. So one day I decided to find someone to teach me. When I had my initiation into level one reiki, I felt very light, very spacey and definitely felt a flow of energy moving through me. It was a wonderful introduction to reiki and the difference I felt was very strong and clear. I felt like I was floating, yet there was nothing in my previous experience to explain it. The healer simply touched me lightly. Who would have thought that such a simple thing would have such a powerful effect?

Aromatherapy is another wonderful technique. The application of tea tree or lavender to the skin can soothe and promote healing in very short order. Inhaling eucalyptus is a familiar scent that opens breathways. A bit of various scents inhaled can somehow stimulate the immune system. Who would have thought that smelling various scents whether in the air or applied with another material, like a lotion or oil, could stimulate the body's healing faculties?

We are used to buying over the counter medicines that pack a quick punch, yet when we look in our kitchen we find thyme and make a cup of tea with it, and our upper respiratory tract immediately feels some relief. We can make a cup of oregano tea to fight infections. Mint tea to soothe stomach or headaches, or comfrey compresses to help mend skin and bones. These beautiful, simple things work, all of them from the herb garden you can grow in containers just outside your door. Yet how many people recognize the potential of the things they simply think of as flavorings for certain foods?

Touches, scents, teas. We can add to this list, the sound of beautiful music soothing our souls. Perhaps it is not surprising that soft music can do such wonders for us. After all, who does not come out with a smile on their face after having a massage, and all of the massage therapists I have known have used music to help create a healing environment. There is another aspect too. Sometimes the simple vibration that instruments produce, as well as their sounds do the work of helping to release muscles, negative thoughts, toxic juices produced by emotional imbalances and stresses. Sounds simple, I know. Yet it works.

So many of these things are subtle. If we just relax and allow these subtle things to work, they are amazing. It does not always take a strong touch to do the heavy lifting.

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