Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wolf Moon

Folklore tells us that a common name for this full moon is the Wolf Moon. Some say that name originates from the idea that this is the month of the year that is coldest and hardest to find food. So the wolves are all about, howling and searching for game.

This year, this could also be a reflection of our striving for financial strength. People are hunting for safer investments, extra income, worrying about the stability of their jobs. Hunting in the cold dark month.

Last night was the night for actually celebrating the full moon, although this night is still good too, if you are just thinking about it now. As we look up in the sky right now, the moon is large and beautiful, closer in its orbit than other months.

That might also be an underlying reason for New Year's Resolutions and the appetite with which we look forward to the new year. We are hungry for what the new year will bring.

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