Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greeting the Annual Cold & Flu

Yes, I know that title will sound weird to some of you. But each winter as a cold or flu seems to grip me, it seems easier to simply give in to it. Take the medicines. Eat the soup, let the fever and aches run their course, along with the congested sinuses and stomach ache.

It seems inevitable, same as the onset of cold weather in winter. And when you get done with it, it feels like whatever needed to be sweated out of drained from your body is gone.

The bubbling of the hot air humidifier, is as soothing as sitting by a waterfall or a bubbling brook. Then a few days later, as suddenly as it began, it is over, and I feel like I have a fresh start again. It seems so foolish to wish that no such thing existed. It is here and the body's immune system fights it off, with help from medicines.

Then we start fresh again. Sort of like the purging fire we need at times to burn old papers.

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