Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drums and Meditation

There are many ways to use drums as a part of a spiritual practice. Some people need a way to bring themselves into a meditative state and they are not good with just sitting quietly. One simple, powerful technique is this. There are many recordings available which feature a steady, simple drumbeat designed to be a sonic driver. In other words, the steady drumbeat is not musical, but rather monotonous.

The purpose of this beat is to drive out distractions. Once the drumbeat has your attention, then the next step is to let it be a stairway or ladder to allow you to climb into different chambers of consciousness.

You can set an intention before beginning to meet with a spirit guide, for example, or to ask for help solving a problem, to meet with an ancestor, or to ask for clarification of a dream. Or you could just let the beat wash over you and bathe in its sound and go wherever you feel like going.

If you would prefer the sound of a rattle, that will work just as well. I prefer laying on the floor when I listen to this type of meditative drumming.

You can also be the drummer or rattle shaker and do the meditation standing up and moving around. The key is to keep the beat steady, not to play songs.

Try it. See how it works for you. If you have ever been antsy with the traditional sit down and be quiet type of meditation, this may open the door for you to a profound new experience. There are many ways to get into a meditative state. In my experience, this is a good one.

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