Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dreams & Desires Now

If you are thinking today of making or revising your plan of action for the new year, how much of your heart is really in those plans? How strong is your desire? What will propel you to keep going if you hit some difficult patches?

Do you continue to put off your dreams and desires because they are not realistic? Do you still tell yourself that "one of these days" you will get to do what you really like? Why not now? Why not this year?

Yes, there are a lot of businesses having a hard time this year, but there are also businesses doing well. If you did not put an action plan into place to create your dream job back when business was booming, then it was not the economy that is the real factor.

Why not make a commitment to yourself to make this year your year? If you do not achieve your goal, at least make significant progress towards it. There is never any better time than now.

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