Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mineral Hot Springs

Spent the day at a mineral hot springs today. It is wonderfully healing. After a few hours enjoying the hot mineral water, my whole body just feels good. There is such beauty and simplicity in the joy of a hot springs. All you really have to do is be in it.

Be prepared to feel a bit tired at the end of the day just from the minerals soaking into you your pores and helping to detox and heal your body. If you just take one day to do this, you can come back feeling like you are on vacation.

Slow, gentle movements in the pool will do the same as water aerobics to let you feel limber and mellow, and get a little exercise. Swim a little, walk a little, float a little. Take turns lifting your partner or your friend and moving them around in the water.

If there is a mineral hot springs anywhere near where you live, check it out. Once you experience it you will know why people all over the world value this simple form of natural therapy. It is one of nature's gifts to us.

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