Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fabric of Interwoven Realities

Tarot cards are amazing tools. Even after you have familiarized yourself with your deck and thought about all the possible meanings of all the cards, different levels of consciousness envelop you when you work with them.

It is very magical the way on one level, you can look at a card and get a wealth of self teaching out of the picture, asking yourself: what lesson can this card hold for me today?

On another level, the art may stir something undefinable up inside you, something that hints at deeper meanings, profound lessons, and realizations that emerge out of the fog an darkness.

Then there is the level of communications from spirit, where all of a sudden there are cards out there and what you feel prompted to say, what comes into your mind, may or may not exactly fit any picture. Cards are gateways to magical senses of reality and when we are reading, we are in a zone that electrifies our senses. There is a quickening and excitement of suddenly getting a flash that lets us see in a different way.

It is in this way that Celtic knotwork interlaces different levels of reality at all times. It is this way that when we read, we are really doing much more than reading. We are opening to these messages that we need and want, whether we asked for them or not. Sometimes we are asking questions that we did not know we were asking. It is magical to be in this zone.

There is an aphrodisiac quality to it all, to be in love with life to be able to go beyond the immediate to the other currents that swirl around us and energies that flow through us. There is a beauty to the way art opens the soul and touches our core. There are images that somehow connect with our dreams, even though they did not look like that, but there is something substantially the same in the inherent patterns. Sometimes there is humor as the meanings unravel themselves, and sometimes there is sadness at the changes yet to come. Whateer the specific answers to specific questions, there is always a mystery to the process as we unwrap these gifts from spirit.

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