Monday, August 10, 2009

Being Lost in Dreams

How do we ever get to be lost in dreams? Have you felt yourself dancing to a wonderful romantic melody until you forgot where you were? Did you ever wake up in the morning and wonder where you were going, or why you had to get up? Do you ever find yourself daydreaming and feeling it be so real that we feel more like we are in that place than where we are?

These disorientations can come about as a result of the dream state overlapping with out conscious state. It is not, of course, that we do not know that we are dancing or that we do not know that we have to get up and go to work in the morning. It is just that we are enjoying our dream state and would prefer to stay there for a while.

When we return, our senses and our feelings, do not quite fit what is happening because we are still in one realm but needing to move into another.

Our dream state is so appealing that we enjoy being in it and find ourselves immersed in it. In this inbetween state, many creative people find fertile ground for creativity and new ideas.

In this fluid state, we gain entry into places without limitations, without boundaries, and this is why we experience free association, and enlarged perceptions.

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