Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disorientation & Reorientation

Tests we face in life are meant to cause us disorientation. Each time we have to recalculate our course, we have to see with fresh eyes and hear with fresh ears in order to find our way again. In this process of renewal, we discover things about ourselves. Little realizations open the door to big revelations.

Look at some of these definitions of orientation:
an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
position or alignment relative to points of the compass or other specific directions
a person's awareness of self with regard to position and time and place and personal relationships
predilection: a predisposition in favor of something
orientation course: a course introducing a new situation or environment

When sailing a sailboat, you are constantly shifting your position relative to the wind in order to make optimum use of the energies present in the wind and water so that you can stay on course and get where you want to go. They call this maneuver tacking. Little ribbons on the top of the sail give the first indication of the shifts in the wind. These are called telltales.

When two people are dancing, someone leads and someone follows. Good dance partners only need to use a movement of the eyes, a light touch of the hand, or a shift in the hips to signal a change of direction, a turn, a spin.

When drummers are drumming together, a signal can be as simple as an extra beat to pick up or slow down the tempo.

A choice of words will indicate a range of differences in a writer's intention. Subtle, but significant signals. A tone can signify the difference between pleasure and pain.

Disorientation and reorientation are ways of responding to life by constantly revising our directions, renewing our connections and clearly reaffirming our choices in order to signal and then make our change in direction. Adjusting to flowing and shifting energy patterns is necessary to life. Consciously engaging in the procecss strengthens us and enlarges our life.

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