Sunday, August 23, 2009

Desires in Words

Unspoken words that we thought of but never said are powerful because by not speaking them, we are not planting those seeds in ground where they can grow. When we speak for what we want, when we express our desires, visions, goals and wishes, then there is an opportunity for someone to help us grow those seed thoughts into realities.

Just as putting a seed in the soil and watering it one day brings green sprouts up out of the ground, saying words that express our desires, visions, goals and wishes to someone else can help nurture those words until our outer world starts to reflect those inner thoughts.

If we have thoughts that are important to us and we do not put them into words, then others cannot help us realize our dreams.

So if we have thoughts that are important to us, ideas that keep coming back to us, visions of things we would like to do, expressions of desires that are as yet unrealized, we hold ourselves back from all of this by not speaking those words to others. If we do speak those words to others to express those desires, we greatly increase the odds that we will get them.

There are a few reasons why we do not speak. One is fear that others will not agree with us or support us. Another is that we do not trust our own strength to pursue our goals.

But we can never be certain of how receptive others will be of our thoughts and words. We just have to speak them and see how they respond, and of course, we do not need everyone to agree with us. Those who do will be the ones who help us achieve our goals.

As far as trusting in ourselves, sometimes saying words out loud helps give us the confidence to go forward. It is when we bring thoughts out from the inner world and place them into words in the outer world that they take on a new resonant power.

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