Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unscripted Moments

Our parents had plans for us. The script ran like this. Go to church that they went to, go to the schools they chose for us, after school get a steady job in some company and stay there for your whole working life. Get married, buy a house, have kids, and encourage them to follow all these steps themselves.

One by one, each of these pieces of the picture changed. We chose our own spiritual paths, which in many cases, has nothing to do with a church. We got degrees from schools, but they often bore no resemblance to what kinds of jobs we got. We changed jobs many times. We moved many times. We got married and divorced, often more than once.

So now our lives are made up of unscripted moments. Developments surprise us at every turn. In moment after moment, we find our selves facing decisions asking, "What next?"

After making one choice, we find ourselves in subsequent situations wondering how we got there. We are faced with our next choice, which has to be made on instinct, because we were not even ready for the question. We choose based on our feeling of the flow. Then the next choice presents itself and how many times have we simply thrown up our hands and asked the universe "Why not?"

Every choice is laden with surprises where whether we are pleased or displeased with our outcome, we are amazed to find ourselves where we are.

We constantly have to recalibrate as we observe the path we are on and wonder where it will lead us. Even those things that are planned bring surprises. Even when we achieve our goals, there are surprises.

And after all this, life is fresh every day, because the one constant is that we know that we do not know, and so each decision made with our intuition and input from our spirit guides offers the chance to plot a new course. Although with the rapid evolution we are experiencing, the path twists, turns and zigzags a lot, and we will still have many more unscripted moments where we will choose in that moment what we want and how to get there, and each moment will be an act of freedom, totally unscripted, left up to us to improvise.

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