Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Consciousness, Money & Freedom

Our desire for financial freedom can be defined in different ways. One familiar approach is simply to keep looking for ways to make more money. A second is to save some of your income and avoid debt. Another is to learn what it really takes to make you happy, then letting all other choices flow from that decision.

If you really enjoy what you do, that in itself is part of your compensation. That makes every day more of a pleasure.

What makes a comfortable place to live is something we define. If you can only be comfortable in a big house, then you have to work more to pay for it. If you enjoy what you do, then you still have harmony and congruence in your life. If, however, you don't really like your job that much, you will start to feel trapped. Or later on, if you have a desire to quit that job or that career in order to do something else that you feel more passionate about or more consciously connected to, but that might pay less, the only sensible choice will be to learn to enjoy a more modest style of living. If a comfortable house is something more modest, then you don't have to work as much to pay for it.

So is freedom defined by how big a house or how much stuff we own? Maybe, maybe not. If we define freedom as enjoying what we do every day, and if we have to work long hard hours at a job we don't really like, then maybe having to keep that job and work that many hours is a form of self imposed restrictions rather than freedom.

It is not the total number of dollars that defines happiness. It is the actions involved with how we make and spend those dollars that really defines our happiness.

I am well aware that not everyone is in the job of their dreams. That is why some people just go in and do what they have to do without any great joy, and display all of their passion and invest all of their enthusiasm into hobbies and avocations. Some people also choose to find things to like about the job they have so that it is not such an energy drain.

But more and more, we are becoming aware that we have to be creative and find ways to make our money in a way that we enjoy and that we have control over, so that we are not simply at the mercy of the whims of the corporate managers. And that means that the percentage of people who will be creating their own businesses will increase out of their survival instinct plus their desire for positive change.

Our consciousness has evolved to the point where more and more people are coming to grips with this reality every day. Some people arrived at this choice long ago simply because they were following their desires. Now more people are arriving at this choice out of necessity. It does bring about more conscious living to be aware of what really makes us happy and then taking action to make it into our reality.

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