Friday, August 7, 2009

Letting Go Into the Flow

This cycle of eclipses remind us that a path leading out of constriction and limitation may begin with letting go. Letting go opens the way for new energies to flow. When we hold on to things or situations too tightly, we can constrict the free flow of energy.

The path of least resistance offers us a true guide. When we focus our attention and our own intuition will point out that we have to let go of something in order to obtain something else, and we experience real power is in letting go, rather than hanging on.

Feel it. Have you ever felt frustrated trying to find a job that was exactly the way you would like it to be? In letting go, we allow the universe to present us with another opportunity that we might never have thought of before.Or we might find ourselves considering an opportunity that we had deliberately overlooked before because it did not fit our description. Instead of holding a vision of exactly this or that kind of job, what if our description were loosened up? What if we simply affirmed that we want to have some kind of work that we would feel good about doing every day?

How many people have held on tight to a relationship that is not what we want, but we are afraid to let go because we do not feel like we could find one better? What if we simply affirmed that we trust the universe to bring us into contact with others who might form the right and perfect relationships with us, for the good of all concerned, and with the free will of all concerned?

Letting go requires trust in the universe. Letting go requires trust in our selves. Letting go is acknowledging that there are many forces in the universe conspiring to present us with great opportunities for a happy, abundant life. In order to experience this, we must let go of the view that there are others preventing us from having a great life. Once we let go, energy moves around us, through us and with us, and we have new opportunities for joy and satisfaction in any area of life we desire. We have to let go in order to feel these other energies working with us.

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