Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Abundant World

We live in an abundant world. Just this week, I got a notice from someone that there is a huge yard sale going on by the owners of a storage facility. You know, those places where people rent little garages to store their stuff. Apparently, a lot of people abandoned them and there is all this stuff that the owners want to get rid of. So if a person needs some household goods for instance, there is all this stuff on sale for the lowest prices imaginable. Apparently lots of people bought stuff that they really wanted, and after a time, they decided they didn't want it. Tastes change. Priorities change. On any given weekend, yard sales and garage sales, or websites like freecycle offer all kind of useful things. All that stuff that we felt like we couldn't live without, suddenly we are living without. And now it is available for someone else's use.

Yet, some people only want to buy furniture and household stuff new from the store, and so they might feel like there is not enough in the world because they would need lots of money or lots of credit to get all of these things.

The world is abundant in other ways as well. If we are only looking for career openings or jobs like the ones we used to have, in many cases, they are not available to us. However, if we expand our scope of thinking and enlarge our vision, there may be other openings that did not even occur to us before. Making a living may look very different now than it did before. We all have opinions about what is good and what is bad about all this, but more importantly, we have to look at the different ways there are for us to get what we need. We have to be more creative about finding solutions.

I find that many people hold or have held self limiting ideas about partners, lovers, companions. Many people have interpreted the term soulmate to mean that there is only one person in this world who would be a perfect partner for them, and they are on the hunt for that perfect person. It's a lot of work finding that needle in the haystack.

But if a person were to allow the possibility that there are many people in this world who could be excellent partners for them, they would not find themselves in the position of searching for a needle in a haystack. Let the definitions be a little more flexible, and do the things that you really want to do, and you will find any number of other people who are quite satisfying to be with, any number that might become close and who could share intimacies with, people who could be wonderful companions and lovers. There is no shortage of people in this world. We only create shortages by the way we define them.

We do live in an abundant world. Whatever we need is here somewhere. If we approach it with our eyes open in this way, instead of a world of lack and shortage, we will see a world of possibility and plenty.

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