Monday, August 24, 2009

We Just Want It To Work

One of the beauties of modern inventions like the computer is that we depend on these devices to do a lot for us, and when we need to use them, we just want them to work. Most people don't really care about how their computer works. They just care that when they go to turn it on and check their email or their favorite websites that it does work.

Same for our cars. Whether you are style conscious and want to buy luxury models or whether you are just a practical person who expects their vehicle to be a device that gets them from point A to point B, most people don't know or want to take the time to study how a car works. They just want to be able to get in, turn the key and go.

Cell phones are just as crucial today, since they also contain the numbers of our friends and family as well as take messages for us. Most of us no longer remember other people's phone numbers because we depend on the phone to just dial them for us.

All of which can raise anxiety levels quickly when one of these three crucial devices gets broken or stolen or lost. We have allowed ourselves to become very dependent on these. So for all the benefits they have brought us, there is also a huge risk.

This, of course, makes it essential for us to have technicians we can depend on, mechanics we can trust. We feel that at least we can trust that someone will be setting things straight if we have this kind of relationship with our mechanics and technicians.

Does it not also cause us to reflect on the changes we both embrace and fear?

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