Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Birthday Presence

Our energies shift every year on our birthdays, not just because we are getting older, but because we can bring the applied wisdom and experience to bear that we have gained since our last birthday.

That does not mean that we do not make mistakes any more, only that we now have additional resources so that we do not keep making the same ones over and over. Our birthday is really our new year, our opportunity to get a fresh start.

This year, my number shifts into a three, which represents the power of manifestation.

Our birthdays are a powerful time for reflection as we look back over what we have accomplished and look forward to what is ahead.

It is only natural that these unique days in our lives always feel special. As we live longer, we find ourselves celebrating birthdays way beyond what our parents and other relatives experienced, and it offers a new perspective when we think of those things that they considered new and marvelous compared to what we now have. I also think of how earlier generations looked old and tired, yet people today at the same chronological age appear to be much more vigorous and vivacious.

Our birthdays are a time for inspiration. If we look at what we have done already, look how many more possibilities we have in front of us. Being here now is a great gift. I am opening it.

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