Sunday, November 29, 2009


There is satisfying sort of pleasure that comes from finding what you are seeking. For example, suppose there is a book you want to read and you know that you can go to one of the chain bookstores and buy it new or order it online. But it can be fun to look through a few used bookstores and find a copy for a fraction of the price. You can be happy because you are going to read what you desire to read, and you can also feel good about getting a great price as well. When your hunt is successful, there is reason to celebrate.

Apply this lesson to other areas of your life. What happens when you are looking to make a business connection, and after much hunting for that, you succeed? The satisfaction that comes from a focused effort is more rewarding than a simple stroke of luck, because you cannot schedule a stroke of luck, but you can focus on a goal and achieve it.

How does this apply to how you find the kind of relationship you want? Do you focus on creating the kinds of relationships you want? In any of these quests, sometimes we have to redefine our goals in order to succeed.

For example, maybe we will find our success in business on a different path than we first imagined. Maybe we need to change what we expect of a relationship. And after we have found and read that book we wanted, then we decide what we want next. Different author? Different subject? Different work? Different relationship?

The process of finding the answer is part of the joy of the quest.

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