Friday, November 6, 2009

Magic in Every Day Life

If luck is the place where hard work and opportunity meet, then finding the magic in every day life is about being aware of all the different ways that the universe presents you with gifts.

You have your vision and your goals clearly in mind, and suddenly you see additional ways to achieve your goals. Instead of blockages, you see solutions. The universe has provided you with new opportunities to find answers.

There is another old saying, that everything we need is already provided. We just have to recognize it. There can be more than one tool to do a job. For example, if our goal is to draw attention, and customers to our business, there are numerous ways to do that. If we want to change eating habits and exercise more in order to become healthier, there are many ways to do that. When we find solutions to these quests that are pleasing to us, it can seem like magic.

Isaac Asimov once said "Any technology sufficiently removed from the present time will appear to be magic."

How true. The sales person or consultant of 40 years ago did not know how they could do business without pay phones, messages written on little pads, typewriters or carbon paper, and the business person of today cannot imagine how they could do their jobs without cell phones and laptops.

Magic appears to happen when we are wondering if we have made a wise career choice, when suddenly, unexpectedly, new clients contact us, new orders come in, new invitations are extended. And people compliment us on our work and express their appreciation for our efforts. When we have been through a dry spell and are on the verge of giving up, questioning ourselves, such developments can seem like magic. The universse is suddenly showering us with blessings and saying yes to our desires.

When we focus on our goals, not the process, magic can take the form of a different process. As fast as you can untie your tongue, the magic words, "thank you" can be spoken as we once again realize that everything we need is already provided.

Magic can take the form of simply saying yes to an opportunity. Magic can take the form of recognizing that something already available to us, already in our possession, can answer our need. That may be a thing in a closet. And it can be a creative throught in our mind.

Magic is our awareness of all the gifts the universe is presenting us.

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libramoon said...

You are invited to help to form what we become:

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Aquarian Dreams

Open your third eye
And your fourth
And your fifth
Make a wish
And wrap it up in bubblegum
Stick it to your bedpost
To dream itself awake
Into your dream
That is your life.

There are wishes made of water
Waving out to sea
Caught up in grievery
Cat-tails weeping
Weaving eerie reverie
Into the evening
Into the night
All through those dreamy,
Unaware of the hours days.

There are prophetic dreams.
They haunt or
Creep upon conscious walls.
Tell all is not
As simple as it seems.
There are reasons, portents, allies.

There are dreams
That wishes would simply die for.
They take us out of bounds
Into faery realms and more.
Sprinkling gold spun out of
Shining love and merriment.
Yes! The very mint
That stamps us sold,
That fulfills our greatest hopes,
Flies us to heights above
The most benign of clouds,
Sets our spirits free.

There are dreams
That bind
Define identities
Expose deformities
Deny extremities
Create barriers and rifts
Look to differences
As definitions
Defend what they define.

There are dreams,
There are dramas,
There are visions.
Tell me yours,
I'll tell you mine.

(c) Feb. 4, 2006 Laurie Corzett

Laurie Corzett -