Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Fluidity is essential to our well being. We notice it in our bodies when our joints and limbs do not bend and flex like they used to, and stiffness sets in. The term also applies to our inner organs. When our lungs are not as flexible as they were originally, disease sets in. One term for heart disease is hardening of the arteries. The heart muscle and the arteries that feed it no longer flex like they used to.

Those old sages from long ago recognized that. Both yoga and tai chi were created by old masters who realized that if you just sit around on your butt all day meditating, your body will stiffen up and physical health will deteriorate. So they came up with these exercises to stretch the body and the mind.

Our minds need to be able to flex as well. People too set in their ways, too stubborn, cannot adapt to new thoughts, embrace new ideas or go with the flow of intuition.

Our intuition is all about flow. For a couple of decades now, we have had to be fluid enough to learn new ways of doing things in order to change careers and make a living. And we have had to recognize that there is more than one way to achieve our goals in order to be successful.

When we loosen up and engage our bodies in fluid motion, it feels good. When we engage ourselves in fluid attitudes and ideas we can move with the energies of the universe, and find more paths to our goals.

I like to swim in it. Literally. In the pool, in the water. Engaging my intuition, moving through life changes in ways that open up possibilities.

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