Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Life

Our fascination with mysteries is all about the randomness of life. Why else would we ever try and make sense of our lives? It is about pattern recognition.

How often does it appear that it was mere chance that we met a person, and yet, later on, that person plays an important part in our life and helps us make it through some critical juncture.

Why the fascination with tarot, past lives, ghosts, ufos, new insights into ancient history and so much more?

It is because we really do have a deep inner knowing that life must consist of something more than the mundane things that consume our lives. That is why we hunger for explanations of why a ghost is in a house. Or what ancient people knew that we don't that led to the construction of Stonehenge, Newgrange, the Serpent Mounds or the pyramids.

We all know that there is a spirit connected to us, although it would seem that the journey it takes is better known to metaphysicians than scientists.

People often wonder how something so random as picking cards out of a deck could reveal anything meaningful about their life or anyone else's. The way I see it, randomness is the opposite of order, so when a person may be wrestling with issues like the meaning of life, what they are really asking is if there is any order to all of this energy we live feel and are part of.

There are patterns in our lives, but we do not always recognize them, especially from up close. Every night, while our bodies are resting, our spirits are traveling, like scouts we send out, and they bring us back information, but this information may be all jumbled up and the presentation looks like some chaotic, absurd, surrealistic movie. It is only when we make an effort to remember these over time that patterns are visible to us.

It is by going to the opposite that we make sense of chaos. Randomly choosing cards from a deck reorders the patterns of our thoughts, our way of seeing situations.

Our free will choices reflect what we see in this moment as what we need or want to do. When we flow a bit further downstream, a different choice becomes more appropriate.

It is by examining the seemingly random events of our life that we begin to sense the order within it. Those who work with these random influences develop a finely tuned appreciation for life.

We have seen the wheel turn, and people who have declared their interest in subjects like past lives, tarot readings, ghosts, ufos, magic, spirit communication, animal communication, astrology, palmistry, energy healing and so much more were ridiculed. Yet people keep wanting to know more about these things.

Why? Each time we examine one of these random frequencies breaking through into our consciousness, and we experience a moment of truth, we immediately get a feeling, a gut reaction that this makes sense, but we struggle with accepting it because our conscious mind cannot explain it all in a neat, orderly fashion. Yet, we feel the truth that resides within the randomness. And in that, we feel alive. Alive with possibilities when we consider that every random act is rich with meaning, magic and potential.

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