Sunday, November 1, 2009

Attaction Oil & Healing Salve, Handcrafted

Over the years, many people have asked me if they can get some of the oils that I wear. They ask where they can buy them, but I blend them myself and have done so for years. All are blends of essential oils combined with jojoba and other fine carrier oils. My oil is called Attraction, because it is created with the intention of attracting whatever it is you want into your life. It will add energy to your desires, dreams and intentions and help draw it to you.

The healing salve I make is also handcrafted. I grow the plants, harvest them, then blend the ingredients and make the salve. I have given a few people free samples over the years. They have all reported excellent results with it.

Now because of all the requests, it is finally time for me to bottle some of these and offer them for sale. Only limited quantities will be immediately available because I have only made one batch of salve from the plants I raised last year, and there will not be another batch until after the next growing season when I have more fresh herbs that I have grown.

My experience is that there is a difference in the properties of products that are
handcrafted with a lot of love. Some of my energy goes into every plant that I grow, and in the preparation, blending and bottling of the products.

The same even held true for healing herbal teas made from plants I grew. I had friends who found that the herbal teas prepared from plants I grew produced more healing results than the ones they bought elsewhere. I was not selling these. I was giving them away. So when I gave away all I had grown, they had no choice but to buy more until my next growing season. There is an energy exchange between people and plants.

Yes, I am a reiki master, and perhaps that is the energy that goes into everything I make. It can also be the personal energy of a person who is an attentive gardener who communicates with his plants and sees the connective energy in all things.

With the oil blends, the batches are not identical, but they are always good. This is due to the variance in availability of the oils I prefer to use at certain times prompts me to slightly alter the blend rather than wait for certain things to get back in stock. Variances are subtle and delicious. I regard the constant tweaking of the blends to be a pleasure, not a problem. Personal attention goes into every dram.

I also make spritzers for aromatic air and after shave. If you are interested in obtaining any of these, let me know.

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