Monday, November 2, 2009

Snow Moon or Beaver Moon Tonight

The Full Moon in November is known by several names. One is the Snow Moon or Frost Moon, owing to the fact that this is usually the month where we get our first significant snow falls. Of course, some of us have already had snow, and that is already most melted in the lower elevations, although the mountain tops are completely dusted now and will begin building their winter accumulation.

Another name is the Beaver Moon because this is the time of year when these animals would be preparing for winter. It was also a time before the freeze when trappers would set traps to catch beavers for their fur.

At this full moon, give some thought to what would warm your heart. You are putting more blankets on the bed, some logs on the fire, lighting some candles. Perhaps cooking more warm meals.

Now who would you like to spend more time with? Who do you want to draw closer to and share your personal warmth with? As you gaze up at the beautiful full moon tonight, is there someone with you? Would you like there to be? If, so, who? Are you trying to attract someone to you? Or are you enjoying this moon yourself?

It is also a good time to be grateful for those you have in your life. Include close friends, relatives, lovers, business associates, everyone who you care about.

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