Monday, November 9, 2009

Soulmates Unlimited

One of the most popular misconceptions about the word soulmate is that there is only one right and perfect match for us in the world. But this is too limiting a notion.

This idea causes many people to go around feeling inadequate, feeling like they have failed. Doesn't it make sense that there is more than one person who is our soulmate? Of course. With all the people in the world, it is only reasonable to assume that there is more than one person who might make an excellent match for us.

It is possible that a person that we met, married and divorced was a soulmate, and we learned all the lessons we were meant to learn or able to learn from them. Then we might experience another opportunity to spend time with another soulmate to learn other lessons.

Soulmate can mean we have a significant connection with a person, but it does not necessarily mean that it will last forever.

One view of reincarnation is that we come back in groups, so that people we know in this lifetime, we have known in other lifetimes, except perhaps from a different perspective, a different relationship. Consider the fact that there are people among our family, friends, business associates or neighbors who we have shared past lives with and may be connected to again, in order to learn valuable lessons.

Do not allow yourself to feel defeated because you had a relationship that was great for a while, then failed. That may simply be a near miss on the way to a better relationship. A near miss is when spirit places another person in our path who might appear to be an excellent partner for us, but upon spending more time with that person, it turns out that we are not really that well matched, because some key component was missing. So we regroup, reflect and reconsider, and adjust our vision of who would be a great partner for us and include that missing factor into the equation, and hold the vision that we want that to be present in our next relationship.

Choose a more unlimited view of the term soulmates and it opens up more possibilities in our life. Plus, it is a more encouraging perspective that enables us to be resilient.

Remember that we always have free will, and we choose who we will have in our lives. Spirit will place certain people in our path, but ultimately we choose whether or not we want to form a closer bond with them or not. Isn't it uplifting to be able to choose?

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