Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving will always be one of my favorite holidays because at its core, it is so simple, yet profound. The essence of the day is to enjoy the company of family and friends over a great meal. There is no other expectation attached to it.

In a time where there are all kinds of demands on us, and people expect us to multitask as a normal way of life, to have a day this simple is wonderful.

Here is another extension of the idea. Are there people who have made a positive contribution to your life who you will not be seeing tomorrow?

Have you thought of sending them a note or calling them and telling them so. This could include teachers, mentors, neighbors, co-workers or others who have made a difference to you?

These days we are more likely to send an email note, but in the past, I have sent blank, all occasion cards that I could write in. Another time, I had a bunch of picture post cards that I bought while on various trips. They are big enough for a short sweet note, and I am also prone to buy humorous ones so they got a joke on the other side.

So if you don't get a chance to do this tonight or tomorrow, do it sometime in the near future, while still in the spirit of giving thanks.

Try it. See if you don't feel better for acknowledging people. And, of course, the people receiving the notes will feel good too.

Give thanks. Life will suddenly feel better. And you know there is a thought out there that when you transmit gratitude, the universe gives you more to be grateful for. Would you like that?

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