Monday, August 30, 2010


Today I was just noticing how adapting a mood of perception helps s person slide right into the phase of livelier partner. Feel the whole process taking shape.

Acceptance is the final grace note of Elizabeth Kubler Ross' five stages of grief.

We can experience it in that concert flowing with the musicians, but also simpler experiences as well. Once we come to accept that this person who did something made a conscious choice and we are supporting it. Then agreement sets things into motion, acceptance opening doors.

We are happy when they played some of our favorite songs and we are happy when they come up with an unusual expressions of what we created,

We accept the gift o those who died and at the same time celebrate the adventures of those who survive. We need to plan clearly now and launch into the waves.

Once we have acceptance we can open up to the coming experiences and see what happens, and we sense the flow is much smoother. Same happens when a career path dies. Open up and accept opportunities and let love shape what comes next. Something totally unexpected might be perfect.

Now that we have reached acceptance some things just seem to fall into place and the execution is sweet. Acceptance lets us accept the gifts presented to us effortlessly and use then efficiently. No regrets, no anger, no disappointment. Just doing.

Then comes the realization. Why didn't we do it this way from the beginning? We might have too much philosophy, too much thinking, and not enough doing. In the doing we shine. Yes, it is simple, elegant and powerful. Accept, and do.

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