Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Moon Energy

We are in a time of new moon energy, a time for beginning new projects, taking new initiatives. Look at what you want to create in your life and take action steps to bring it into reality now.

Feel the energy surging upward, onward, forward as the moon continues its path to fullness. We are on a path of fullness as well.

Consider the phases of your life already completed, and the possibilities still ahead. Can you see a pattern on how you have built your successes?

What we do in the next phase of our life is result of the movement of energy we facilitate now.

Feel your way toward what you want next in your life. Look inward and outward. Once you are able to visualize your goals more vividly, it is easier to move toward them and take the actions to make them real.

New moons are a perfect time to do this inner work and then let it project into outer work, outward actions. Set the energies in motion and then flow with them to fullness.

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