Saturday, August 7, 2010

Common Bonds

When you walk in old neighborhoods where people have created gardens in their yard, they are almost always glad to talk about it. You stop and comment on an unusual flower, a particularly beautiful specimen, how well their tomatoes of zucchinis are going, and suddenly you find yourself in a conversation with a stranger. How easy that is.

If you know a bit about gardening yourself, you might pick up some new ideas or useful tips, and they might ask you questions. The really fascinating thing is the dynamic. When you ask people about something they are interested in, they open right up, and their is an opportunity for a pleasant experience.

So, of course, we are not all gardeners and we all don't want to talk about gardens, but extend this principle into other areas of interest. Often, when our interests are very specialized, we find ourselves going to meetings or events centered around this topic.

People are always seeking to connect that way. One of the beauties of gardening though is the simplicity. You don't have to go anywhere special, you just have to take a walk. Another beauty is that it is simple. When you are stopping to admire someone's garden, they may strike up a conversation if you don't. You are already complimenting them on their work, and everybody enjoys that.

Perhaps one other idea is as simple or universal. If you are walking your dog, other dog owners will usually be interested in talking about dogs.

How many ways can you use this idea? How much joy and peace do we spread in the world when we simply connect with other people with whom we have a common bond?

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