Thursday, August 5, 2010

High and Low Zero

There are times in life when we get knocked back down to zero and in the process of getting back up again, we learn a lot of new things, maybe even better ways to do things.

It seems that our learning often needs to be reset to get a fresh start. Often, for example if your computer is acting sluggish and the applications you are using just don't seem to be responding properly, you have to reboot, which stops everything and starts it again, and that gets everything back on track.

Sometimes in relationships, people may find that they have to go back to zero by divorcing or separating before they build a new and better relationship.

When we are looking for ways to build our business to the next level, we find that we need to reconsider how we are doing it and perhaps adapt new techniques, or mix in new techniques while keeping the best of the old.

Sometimes people who create new businesses go bankrupt, go back to zero and start all over before they find their great success.

Science and art are places where we see it all the time. We think we know how something works, but then we discover something new and reframe our whole idea of how it works. How do oceans work? How are planets formed? How are diseases cured? How do we learn music? What makes this art?

Meditate on the Fool's Journey, and this is part of what you come to realize. The Fool is always numbered zero in the deck, and for this reason the Fool is said to be both the highest and lowest card in the deck. In any of these endeavors, one of the characteristics of the journey is having enough humility to know that you do not always know, but you are willing to learn.

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