Friday, August 27, 2010

The Magic of Weekends

Since it is common for people to work Monday through Friday schedules, Friday is frequently our entry into the place where we choose. Friday, named for the Norse goddess Freya initiates a time of magic.

That is why it is so frequently an evening for play. Freya was definitely a sexy, magical goddess. Various tales say it she was the one who taught Odin the art of divination. She could also mediate between the different worlds. In the old stories, she had power in the realm of her origin, with her people, the Vanir, and also with her adapted people, the Aesir.

So it is that we launch adventures on her day each week. We plan to do something fun, or perhaps we dedicate some time to learning or practicing those things which we have chosen, various hobbies or avocations.

Yes, weekends are magical, whether we use them to get much needed rest or do other things we do not have time for on the weekdays. This is our time to deepen our progress on our path. If we work a second job, perhaps it is one that we love. If we take the time to spend with friends, that is magical too. Think how fitting it is that tomorrow is dedicated to Saturn, the bringer of change, and the next day is the day of the Sun, a day to bask in radiance.

So make good use of your magical time, your weekend. No matter what you do, make it magical.

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