Monday, August 23, 2010

Tastes Good Too!

My sisters have long made a habit out of shopping for their produce at the farmers market as a way of both getting high quality, interesting foods while at the same time supporting local farmers.

I do buy locally grown fruits and vegetables too, but I am not eager to get out of bed early on a Saturday when I don't have to.

You will notice that even the chain grocery stores will have signs up when produce is local. Personally, I am not so concerned about organic. For some items, I will go for it, but for some, I am not willing to pay a lot extra. To be certified organic a farm must be doing everything organically for several years, and I would see more sense in spending the money on organic leafy greens than say, potatoes or bananas. Just my opinion, of course.

I think that if you consider that some of these farmers who are taking the time to cultivate heirloom vegetables and different varieties are doing so on a smaller scale on a family farm, they are paying a lot more attention to what they grow and how they grow, even if it is not certified organic, and I think that is a good thing.

Most important I think is when you buy produce at the farmers market, the income goes directly to the farmer, and that helps them to make more profit.

One of the added bonuses is that at the farmers market you will find heirloom varieties, and vegetables and fruits that have surprising tastes, colors and textures.

That's a great added bonus for supporting local farmers and helping to keep jobs in the American economy. Every little bit helps, and it tastes good too!

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