Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Owning Your New Year

A person's birthday is their new year. Yes, we have a civic holiday called New Year's Day every January 1, but each of us starts a new year on our birthday.

It is refreshing and clarifying to get a perspective on this every year.

It is a natural time to ask ourselves what we would like to see happen in our next year, and reflect back on various milestones in our life, not just from this past year, but from our life.

We never (or perhaps I should say rarely) get a chance to do over, but we do get chances to do differently.

So if today is your new year, celebrate, look forward and embrace that future.

Maybe relecting on the past, expressing gratitude for the present and stepping into our future would be a lot more powerful on our birthday than all those broken adn forgotten New Year's resolutions.

After all, we don't really own that day, but we own this one.

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