Friday, September 24, 2010

Clap Your Hands, See What Happens

Sometimes when we act in a positive way, we do not know what effect our actions will have, although we feel it will be good.

Sort of like the classic image of the Fool in the tarot.

For example, I did an unannounced give away of tarot decks while giving a talk at the recent Celebrations Fair. I just felt like it would be good to give them away to people who did not have a deck and would like to have one, and also giving decks to people who felt like they were ready for a new one.

Who knows what good will come of all that. I am sure that the recipients appreciated their decks.

There has not been a flood of feedback from those individuals, so we will see what is revealed in time.

This week, there was a surge of interest in some hard to find decks that I have for sale. And that interest came from far away, not locally. Interesting. I was wondering when I would see some activity there again.

One school of thought is that it is a form of the law of return. What you put out comes back to you. And so on.

So now, I keep looking ahead absolutely certain that I will find a way to make my reading/healing/teaching metaphysical business full time. How exactly? I don't know all the answers to that. I just keep plugging away, repeating the things that work, and dropping the things that don't.

There are times when it is not clear whether an effort has worked. Participation in an event or group could take time to yield results. Then of course, there are some that never will. In those cases, it is simply a matter of deciding when the experiment has gone on long enough without definitive results.

Then sometimes you decide to do something just because you feel good about it, feeling that it is at least a gesture of good will toward the world or whoever receives it.

That may appear to be foolish, and it is one aspect of being a fool. Sometimes we feel moved to do things without knowing why. Sometimes we don't need to know why before we do something.

When I used to be real active in drumming circles, there was a saying. Sometimes people wait to see what happens, then they clap their hands. But there are other people who clap their hands to see what happens next.

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