Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Unnamed

Among our spirit guides are those ancestors so far back that we do not know their names. Yet, I feel that these people, as well as relatives or friends we knew in this lifetime who have crossed over, are looking out for our best interests. These people figured out how to survive on this planet, and since we are their offspring, they would like to see us succeed too. They prompt us through our gut instinct.

They may have had different ideas about family and tribe than we do, but they certainly did master the art of getting food and shelter. Today, we always use the phrase of necessities as food, shelter clothing and medical care. Clothing for sure was a different concept. In the early days, they used furs or skins to protect their bodies from the weather, and if the weather was pleasant enough, no clothing was necessary.

Medical care and healing were more like a subset of food. Discovering that certain plants could help alleviate pain, make symptoms of illness go away, or induce states of euphoria, calmness, aphrodisiacs, dreams and visions, these were certainly intertwined with their search for plants that were good to eat.

Yet, our illiterate ancestors, relying on their gut instincts and observations of nature, figured out what they needed to know. It is this power, this ability of knowing how to know that we are tapping into when we develop our psychic and intuitive abilities. That knowing, and our connection to the unnamed continues to this day.

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