Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Her Name is Tarot

Public speaking terrifies some people. Not me. I love it, and I have done a lot of it over the years. I decided early on that getting familiar with the material and then speaking from the heart was the most satisfying way to do. I have seen other speakers who are so dependent on their notes that they would really freeze up and stumble if they lost their place. In my experience, one of the key differences is being in touch with your spirit guides as well as the spirit of the occasion.

More than once, I thought I knew the path my talk would follow, then I suddenly felt prompted to take it in a different direction. That did not throw me off. It felt good. I definitely picked up on something spirit wanted me to say.

This Friday, for example, I am speaking at the Celebrations Fair, at 3 pm. As I have been doing a little reading and thinking about it, mulling it over as I relax, a new thought suddenly came to me, and as a result, I will be doing something I have never done before in this talk. I will not say what it is until Friday. I have always felt that the energy of the talk must be held close to the heart until it is time to let it out.

There is magic in spontaneity. There is magic in the spoken word. Being connected to spirit keeps the presentation fresh. Yes, I know my material because I have had years of experience with it, but sometimes spirit has a suggestion for delivering the magic in a different way.

This talk will be different from others I have presented. It is all coming together in a very inspired and playful way, with gratitude, grace, magic and mystery.

I do not have notes, but I do have plenty of inspiration. My spirit guides are very active so I know they are preparing me for an especially good event. Knowledge is a ground for the seed to grow in, then comes the flow of the moment, the flash of insight and the arising of joy.

This path is a journey of discovery. Be prepared to embark not on fortune telling, but fortune creating. Fortunately, spirit speaks, and her words are enchantment. Her name is tarot.

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