Friday, September 10, 2010

New Testimonials

I love doing the work that I do, and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to others through my readings, healing and teaching. Today I would like to share with you some recent testimonials from my clients.

"Thank you so much for your patience and kindness while teaching me. I learned a lot from you, and also realized how much more depth there is to the Tarot and myself." --- Lisa

"I got some wonderful insight from a tarot card reader, Dan :) It was so unbelievable, insightful and really brought clarity to me :) I highly recommend it!!" --- Lindsay

"Hi Dan, Thank you again for the reading. I am interested in getting another reading." --- Marianne

"How very sweet of you to follow up our visit. I enjoyed your reading and was very happy to get a new perspective using a different deck. Thank you for that." --- Leslie

"Excellent! I enjoyed my reading and I'm going to give my daughter a 30 minute reading with you." --- Marja

"Thanks for the email. I really appreciated the reading the other day." --- Anna

"Dan, I really need to talk to you tonight. Need to make decisions fast. Thank you!" ---L

"Thank you for your time and reading this evening. I am excited to do a reading with my new cards later, and this deck already started speaking to me as I cleared it; it's neat to see different perspectives on cards we've seen and known and to see such amazing artwork. Thank you for introducing me to the deck and book." --- Erika

"I have been telling all of my friends about you all day today ... I was hoping you didn't mind referrals because I gave your info to two of my good friends. I have one specifically that is really in need of a good reader." --- Erin

"I think having another reading would be fun. My life seems to be strange these days and I could use some insight. Thanks!!" ---Pam

"I just want thank you once again. It was pleasure meet you and have a reading with you." --- A

"I appreciate your kind suggestion to make an offer. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU--you are too kind and generous! I'm so excited and cannot wait to receive the deck--WOW! The cards ARE TO DIE FOR! You can trust that I will take good care of the deck which WILL no doubt bring me many-many hours of pleasure!" --- Linda (who bought a hard to find deck)

"I would love to get some energy work done soon. It has been a really busy and hectic month for me!" --- M

"Dan, I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me during the reading on Sunday. I had a few readings since my accident but no one but you gave me advice on how to bring back my intuition. I have been debating for a long time to tap into whatever abilities I have but I am not sure what path to take or where to begin. I see from your card that you teach tarot perhaps we can discuss it further and see if it's something for me. I am a very shy person and sometimes have trouble stating what I feel and want." --- L

"Thanks Dan it was great meeting and talking with you too. Thanks for the follow-up. I'm sure we'll work together again in the future. I'll refer people to you for sure. I liked your energy." --- Tracey

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