Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dry Lightning

Dry lightning is something I have only seen out here, in the west. It is a strange sort of sight because mostly I am used to seeing lightning preceding thunder and rain. It seems so natural that these are linked that to see one without the others still seems odd, even though I have seen it many times. I guess that in the span of my life I have seen lightning with thunder and rain lots more times than without.

Tonight I saw dry lightning again. Several times there were flashes in the sky, and I looked around for what would follow, but nothing did. The temperature and humidity now are still the same as they were.

Where are the other places in our life where there is dry lightning?

How many times does something happen and we expect something to follow right away. What happens when it does not? What happens when the dry lightning comes and something completely different follows?

How long does it take to get used to it?

Life is full of surprises and to me, dry lightning is one of those ways that the universe just gives us a start and yells "Surprise!"

Notice what happens next. Our senses are more alert, our awareness expands, and we pay attention.

Next time the universe goes "Surprise!" and tosses out a flash of dry lightning, notice what happens next.

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